Window Treatments To Give A Polished Look To Your Home Décor

November 28, 2019

Selecting the right window dressing is really a daunting task, especially when it is your first time. With the emergence of performance fabrics, you no longer have to compromise style for functionality. Performance fabrics used in outdoor treatments have great versatility and durability. These qualities make them an excellent choice for indoor dressings as well.

Here we have some window treatments that adds a pop of personality to any room…

• Floor-length Draperies

Long curtains are used to frame large windows. Fabric folds in these long curtains offer warmth and complete a room and creating a focal point in your home décor. You should choose a pattern that can define a room’s design. So, curtain selection and its patterns play a pivotal role in enhancing a room’s interior.

• Ruffled Panels

You can add ruffles on curtain panels to give a rustic touch to your window decoration. This will add texture and provide an aesthetic appeal to the whole interior. This window dressing provides a stylish look to any space.

• Layered Sheers

Sheer curtains provide privacy while also diffusing natural light inside. You can also add more layers to the drapes for extra opacity. However, this will not hamper the airy look you desire to have in your room.

• See-through Patterns

This is another version of sheer drapes. These are translucent curtains having ornamental prints. They have dual functionality – they come in attractive designs and also allow lots of natural light to pass through them. This type of drapes is perfect for a leisure space where you will sit and relax in a comfortable ambiance.

• Frilly Valances

They hang at the top of the window and add color to the entire décor without creating the look of long drapes. You can easily make them with table-cloth and shower curtain clips.

• Flat Panel

These kinds window treatments help to block the glare and scorching heat of the sun. It is made with a square piece of curtain fixed on all sides with magnets. So, these panels stay in place and you can easily remove it whenever you want to bring back the natural light inside the room.