Basic Essentials For Mounting A Curtain Or Drapery

March 21, 2018

Drapes and curtains can change the decoration of a room. However, it is not at all a good idea to hang a new curtain on old brackets and rods, It doesn’t enhance the beauty. When buying new drapes and curtains, think of new mountain hardware like rings, brackets, poles, finials and rods. Both traditional and contemporary styles of these hardware items are available. Choose depending on what complements your room décor.

Common Mounting Hardware for Your Window Treatments – Pole and ring drapery

  • Poles or Rods

Rods can be of metal or plastic and are adjustable. They are available in different finishes like polished metal, brushed metal, wrought iron, gold tone and brass. Rods also come in different shapes have like square, round, fluted, twisted and so on.

If poles are preferred, one can find metal, plastic, bamboo or wooden poles. Poles are not adjustable. Birch and pine are the common varieties of wooden poles. Pole and ring drapery are commonly found in most households.

  • Brackets

Next mounting hardware are the brackets that hold poles and rods in their place. They are mounted on ceilings, window frames or walls. Decorative brackets are also available in the market, which are not only functional but also add to the beauty of a room. Brackets are more of an ornamental addition drapery.

  • Clips or Rings

This is an essential element in hanging drapery or curtain. There are curtain rings which have small rings sown to the fabric or internal clips that grab the fabric. Rings are available in different finishes and so, there is ample choice for people to pick one that complements other mounting hardware elements.

Have you heard of café clips? They are rings with clips where the clip is present at the bottom. These leaves are disguised in decorative motifs like stars, leaves and other shapes. Hence, with café clips curtains will have a completely different look.

  • Finials

These are another ornamental addition to a window treatment. Finials are end accessories which are attached after a pole or rod slide into the brackets. This mounting hardware is attractive, decorative as well as functional. Finials prevent the curtain rings from sliding off the pole.

These are the essential for any window treatment. Nowadays, different styles of pole and rings are available in the market. Some people do not prefer rings; they hang the curtain straight from the rod. With so much variety, you can always find one best suited for your room décor.