Beautiful Ideas For Master Bedroom Window Treatment

April 22, 2021

Some would say that the Bedroom is the coziest place in any house. It is the place where you look for privacy, romantic ambience and comfort. What can bring all these elements in a master bedroom? Yes, it is master bedroom window treatments. Window dressing is fundamental in any room décor. It’s an indication of what your personality is like.

Astonishing Ideas for Bedroom Window Decoration | Window Treatment

  • Draping with Silk
    Silk drapes are perfect for creating both romantic and luxurious ambience in a bedroom. These draperies elevate the look of a room. Adding buttons, beads, crystals, tassels and pleats gives it a customized touch.
  • Pretty Panels
    Three layered window dressing in a master bedroom adds elegance to every corner of the room. The design of these windows include scalloped cream color valance of silk with soft-flowing panels of swishy silk. Putting a blue band with these creamy panels and valance will complete the look.
  • Variety in Bedroom Drapes
    Can’t decide on a curtain pattern you love? How about two! Two, different, curtain fabrics can decorate a room in the most astounding way. Cotton curtains of different designs are hung in alternating patterns. These curtains are not only helpful in blocking the sun but also create an unexpected variation in the bedroom. Mixing a light and a dark shade of fabric is fabulous. If windows have associated long walls, then blending two patterns is just the appropriate way of dressing these walls.
  • Hanging in Layers
    Hanging curtains in layers adds dimension and a soft look to any bedroom window. In this type of window dressing, one layer must have a pattern. This will give it a ‘touch of character’ or a whimsical appearance. Layered panels often become the focal point in a bedroom.
  • Sleep with Shutters
    Shutters in bedroom windows provide a cozy niche. However, with shutters, there is little space for elaborate window treatments. This is the best option when there is spatial limitation and is a creative way of blocking light. It is always a good idea to have contrast-painted windows and shutters. It creates architectural and graphic effect in the bedroom.


These are some of the window treatments suitable for master bedroom. Online home décor companies can help with many such ideas. Select the ones suitable for your room. Remember that window dressing can make quite a difference in room decoration. They are the first thing that strikes the eyes of the viewer.