Create A Stylish Statement In Your Bedroom With Custom Draperies

April 10, 2021

a bedroom with a large bed and a chandelier

The bedroom is the coziest place in a house, where one relaxes and enjoys his or her personal space. Decoration of this room should be also exclusive and the best custom draperies can certainly make a bedroom look unique. Do you know that curtains make a major style statement for a bedroom? Draperies and curtains not only filter sunlight, but also add a finishing touch and warmth to the space.

Curtains can bring together any design element in a room. From luxurious velvet drapes to sheer linen curtains, there is a wide range of collections of the best custom draperies for bedrooms. Let’s take a quick glimpse at some astounding curtains that can transform the space into a cozy and chic retreat…

  • Bright Blue

One can use turquoise blue drapes to brighten a bedroom. Good quality fabrics are available in this color and they look great against painted walls. Make sure that the wall is painted with a light color like lighter shades of peach or white.

  • Regal Windows

One can make a customized decoration of the interior of his room with matching light shade window treatments. High quality fabric drapes hanging from a designer valance create the best custom draperies for bedrooms.

  • Floor to Ceiling

Long, solid color curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor give an elegant look. Muted colored drapes in this style also have a soothing and refreshing feel.

  • Luxe Backdrop

If there is a large window in the bedroom, choose Belgian linen drapes. They act as a backdrop for the bed and look awesome. One can decorate the interior with black furniture and have cream color fabric panels in contrast. The bedroom will certainly have a charming décor.

  • Navy Edge

Blue patterns on cream color curtains offer a chic look. This is the best choice of custom draperies if one wants to have a bluish color bed and other furnishing in the room.

  • Pretty Pink

One can bring a pinkish vibe to their bedroom with the best custom draperies of pink linen fabrics. The walls, cabinets, lamps, side table and the bed should complement this draping style.

  • Fresh Florals

Having curtains and matching bedspread with floral prints work wonder for bedrooms. It gives a soft touch and a charming feel to the room. Floral printed valances can also add to the beauty of the place.

There are many customized draping styles one can use for their bedroom. Which window treatment will you choose?