Pleated Drapes – A Unique Way of Having Custom Draperies

Custom DraperiesWindows are a tricky feature of your room. If you leave them bare, it will impart a blank look to any space and again, if you over-decorate it, it will block light and make a room look dingy and dark. They are a vital element in a home that brings in air and natural light making a premise breathable. Windows have an aesthetic appeal and with proper window covering or treatment, they enhance style statement.

When it comes to decorating a window, nothing can beat drapes and curtains. Using the best custom draperies and curtain styles one can give the high-end smart appearance to the window and space. Curtains are the convenient way of beautifying a window as they can be easily maintained and installed. One can find diverse styles of drapes along with stylish panels and hooks.

Pleated Drapes – Modern Way of Customizing Window Covering

If you want to have a retro look in your room, then pleated drapes are the classic choice. They create a formal pleated look. You can easily operate them with the help of cord and pulley look. Pleated draperies are perfect for all kinds of window sizes. Now, let’s take a quick look at some styles of pleated draperies

Pleated DrapesPinch Pleated Drapes

This is a common variant of draperies and is also popularly known as French Pleated Drapes. In this window dressing, the fabric is designed into a series of folds equally spaced from one another. They are all pinched at the top where rings or hooks are attached to every pleat. In pinch pleated draperies you will get varieties of pleats like – five-finger pleat, four-finger pleat, two-finger pleat, one-finger pleat and so on. You can customize the number of pleats you want.

Goblet Pleated Draperies

This style is quite similar to triple pinch pleat. Do you know what the speciality of this drape design is? The pleat looks like glass at the top. If your home is of traditional style having rooms with high ceiling, then these drapes are the right choice for your windows.

Cartridge Pleated Drapes

The pleats of cartridge pleated draperies are a little different from normal pinch pleats in the sense that they are widely spaced. It is more like the goblet pleats which are stitched and folded at the base. The pleats are in fact rounded at the top.

Thus, these are a few of the pleated drapes that you can pick for creating the best custom draperies for your home.

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