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Different Kinds of Roller Shades Fabric You can Use

Everyone is looking for a chic and modern window covering and there is no better choice than roller shades and roller blinds. Roller shades have become quite popular among homeowners and designers alike. With the gaining popularity of this window treatment, textile manufacturers have also increased their options, styles and collection of available fabrics. There is a great variation of colors and fabrics of roller shades that will suit the décor and furnishing of any room.

Basically, fabrics of roller blinds are categorized into three types –light filtering, solar, and blackout. Each of these varieties has its own unique benefits, strengths and utilities. Depending on these factors, you can pick your preferred fabric.


Depending on the texture, color, and composition, light filtering fabrics can range from being completely transparent to semi-opaque. Light filtering roller shades will always allow some degree of sunlight to pass through them. As a result, they can create a warm environment during cold days and also, block enough light and intense glare to keep a room cool in hot days. However, light filtering roller shades do not provide ultimate privacy. Sheer fabrics have a decorative appeal and are available in great variations, multiple finishes, a plethora of color options as well as complex designs. All these options allow for a product that both extremely attractive and versatile.


Blackout shade fabrics are very popular and are often used for bedrooms as they help to create a dark ambiance perfect for sleep. Blackout shades do not allow light to penetrate through the fabric as they have a special coating on the back of the shades. This fabric is a wonderful alternative to blackout draperies and is very effective in darkening a room. Blackout shades are also perfectly fit for board rooms or meeting rooms and provide all members of the meeting with privacy. Blackout roller shades are available in a multitude of different colors, finishes, and prints. Blackout roller shades provide ultimate privacy & darkness to any room.


Solar shades are a unique type of roller shades made from the interwoven thread in a basket weave style. This fabric allows light to enter a room at varying degrees. Solar shades are probably one of the most popular choices for clients who have beautiful views. Solar shades come in many different opacities notated by percentages. 10% solar shades, 5% Solar Shades, 3% solar shades, 1% solar shades, and privacy solar shades. The lower the number the opaquer the shades are. They are available in a multitude of colors, the most popular are white, light beige, light grey, and black. Solar shades are very durable shades, they are green guard certified, antimicrobial, flame retardant, and extremely easy to clean.

So, these are the basic roller shades fabric to choose from. You should select the fabric according to the area of installation and the purpose you want to serve. Every fabric category has diverse patterns and colors to select. Pick the color that matches the interior décor. So, which fabric of roller shades do you like to choose?


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