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Printed Roller Shades – Add Personalized Touch to Home Décor

Roller blinds are window shadings that that roll up and down providing sufficient light and visibility through the windows. These shades are also wonderful options for room spaces and windows of diverse styles and types. Roller shades suit windows of all kinds – big or small, narrow or wide and ceiling to floor length. You can roll away this shading when you are not using it. As these blinds fit closely against windows they provide a modernized and neat look.

You can block outdoor glare and heat creating a cool atmosphere inside the house. A Diverse Range of fabrics are available for these shades – some completely block the light and others allow a certain amount of light to enter the house. Printed roller shades are the latest trend in window dressing for modern homes. They look fashionable as well as give a standalone look to window treatments.

Why go for printed roller shadings?

Printed shading adds a décor statement as well as offers a unique touch to any space. Also, prints in window shading add originality to space. Prints on fabric do not change or fade over time like any other normal shades. Moreover, it is fun decorating with printed shades as there is a plethora of ideas and design options to choose from. The best thing is that you have the chance to personalize your shade with an image or a favourite photo of yours.

One can imprint his own photos, favourite cartoon characters or of his kids or any image on the blinds to create a special feature in the home. It also gives the perfect finishing touch to any space. Also, one can have different customized printings for different rooms. Thus, printed roller blinds give the chance for exquisite decoration.

Besides, decorating element, maintenance of these blinds is also pretty easy like any other roller blinds. They do not harbour mites and dust, especially if you use plain fabric. So, there is no chance of suffering from allergies. Since they do not have any horizontal surface, cleaning is also very easy. Just wipe it off with some damp soft cloth debris or dust will be removed and the prints will also remain undamaged.

Printed roller shades take up minimum space of your room, therefore they can be the best option for space-saving in smaller rooms. These shades being mounted on the window frame does not take up any extra inch. So, it’s the perfect choice for any window dressing!

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