Why Vertical Blinds Are Always The Best Choice

March 14, 2021

a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

Vertical blinds are the most trendy, stylish and versatile window treatment of all time. The greatest benefit of all is they fit all kinds of windows – sliding doors, wide windows or large windows. The covering that horizontal blinds cannot provide is possible with these blinds.

In addition, the sleek style and elegance of vertical window dressings match every interior decoration. They can be operated in various ways such as –

  • Sliding to right or left
  • Keeping them closed or open

Do you know these blinds can also be automated by the use of motors?

Adding Flair to Home Décor with Custom Window Shades

Everyone wishes to give their home a personalized and original look. What is a better way to do so other than installing custom window shades? One can create a customized look for window dressings by doing the following:

  • One can select different varieties of curtains for each room. The choice of fabric and prints will depend on the décor, type and overall feel of the room.
  • Layering two different window coverings is also a good way to give a personalized look to any room. Curtains with blinds are a perfect way to add elegance to a space.

Are Battery Shades Safe?

Wondering about the safety of using battery-powered shades? Experts opine that battery shadings are perfectly safe to use. They completely trust the reliability and safety of these shades. There is a difference in the type of battery shades. Some shades use lithium batteries which are discarded and replaced after one usage while others use lithium-ion batteries which can be recharged and used repeatedly.

Lithium-ion batteries undergo all kinds of tests to ensure their safety inside the home. Many prominent companies even use an integrated charging management circuit that protects against under and overcharging. That is why we believe we do not have to fear using battery-operated shading systems. They help us control the feel and look of any space inside our home.